Tuesday, August 7, 2007

1987 Gloucester County NJ Women Who Made A Difference

In 1987 the Gloucester County Shade Tree Commission, in conjunction with the Commission on Women, planted trees at the Red Bank Battlefield Park, in National Park New Jersey. The plaque honors women who have made a difference in Gloucester County.

They are: Helen Brown, Hazel Dale, Lydia Davis, Rose Downer, Kay A. Ferrell, Ph.D., Dolores M. Harris, Ed.D., Ella Harris, Edith Huston, Grace Holdcraft, Lorraine Kiefer, Plin Matthews, Margaret Mendoza, Jeannette McConnell, Mary McGinnis, Eleanora Munshower, Alberta Perry, Mary E. Robbins, Mary Sorbello, Erma Toughill, and Barbara Wallace.

Too bad the plaque does not mention WHY they were being recognized. If anyone knows any of these women and would like to post their accomplishments, please feel free to do so.



patricia91369 said...

I am one of the four children of Mary McGinnis. I am not sure of the other women, but my mother was honored in this memorial because of all of her volunteer help with fire victims, and their families in Gloucester County. My mom helped cloth, feed, and help with many other needs of fire victims. She was a member of the Ladies Auxiallary at Billingsport Fire Deprtment in Paulsboro, N.J.; where my father, brothers, and sister where all volunteer firefighters at this dept. I remember going with her to fires and help hand out either coffee or cold drinks, depending on the season, to the firefighters at the scene. I remember her saying at one time "Oh that poor family just lost everything, there has to be something I can do to help them". My mom did just that, and then some. That is how it started and it turned into gathering of turkey baskets at Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as toys for the children. My mom never thought she would have anything like this in her honor, and she was very proud of this memorial as was my father. My mom loved helping others and I and my siblings are all very proud of her. My mom never stopped helping as long as her health allowed her, sadly we lost her in Jan of 2003. She is missed by all of us, and their is no way of knowing just how many people's lives she touched while here.

Patricia McGinnis

JB said...


Your mother, Mary McGinnis, indeed sounds more than deserving of any plaque or honor she received. Thank you for sharing her story. Hopefully she will be an inspiration for others.