Sunday, March 2, 2008

John Gill House aka Greenfield Hall, Haddonfield, New Jersey

Located at 343 Kings Highway in Haddonfield, New Jersey, "Greenfield Hall" was built in 1841 by John Gill (the elder, or II). It's foundation is of stone with brick exterior walls, inside brick chimneys and a pitch roof with captain's walk. John Gill resided here until his death in 1838.

During the American Revolution, the Hessian army passed through Haddonfield, and the Hessian general made this home his overnight headquarters (with his troops encamped near Hopkins Road). This property remained in the Gill family until 1914, when it was owned by several families.

When W.P. Hallinger owned it, he called it "The Boxwoods." Today it is owned by the Haddonfield Historical Society and it serves as a museum furnished with period furniture, needlework, tools, costumes, etc.

Much has been written about this building. It is listed on the National Historic Register.

Photograph from HABS 12 July 1937.